jueves, 29 de enero de 2015

Autobiogardens and other poems

My latest book:

Joanni Zozaya  Urrestarazu on Autobiogardens and other poems

 From the garden poems, with their touching, lingering quality,  emerges a richness  of perception and nostalgia that thrusts me right  back to my childhood.
The thought and language poems are deep and poignant. I was specially taken by the way the author  expresses the mysterious ways of language and thought in One can write.
Her delight in words is beautifully put forth in e.g. Smithereens and Let us think hope. She helps us to dive into the words to explore and enjoy them.
 The "self" poems (I try to identify them somehow and also apologize for doing so) dig deep and express in many cases thoughts and instances I identify with, to a point  I feel I could have written them myself - if I knew how!
At the end of There is this silence the author rightfully celebrates her talent by asserting, "...I am a writer."
She certainly is.

And an excellent one.

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