lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Margarita’s tea party

Margarita advised her friends
and Judy’s
to be available for tea
on May 17

it was she said
Judy’s birthday

and so it went

quite a few women
met in Pueblo Eden
for a dancing class
and tea at a long table
covered with delightful pastry
provided by the hostess
and by her guests

teapots with tea leaves
rather than tea bags
no small issue

the celebration went deeper
beyond the table

when asked what present
was appropriate for Judy
Margarita had suggested a towel

and so it went

Judy was asked to sit down
in the living room
to receive her presents

a towel from each woman
different colours
elegantly wrapped

after the fourth towel
Judy smiled roguishly
realizing the gifts
posed an enigma

they did

the towels were meant
for Judy to donate
to a home to be opened
in San Carlos
for women who suffer
domestic violence

Judy was delighted

so were we all
twenty and some guests

it was once more Margarita
planning ahead for others.

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