sábado, 11 de julio de 2015

Yesterday in the terrace

Yesterday my friends
and I
sat around the table
talking laughing
drinking discussing

Chavy taking pictures
of us around the table
Marjan explaining
the many years
we have known each other

we all agreed on the view
from the terrace
and on the terrace itself
welcoming in Summer
an ideal get together place

Godeke and Schelto
left early as announced
they had tickets
for the opera
at the Concertgebouw

Yvonne was quiet
during our discussion
of political affairs
in Argentina

she would have
rather discussed
European affairs
the why and because
of Greece’s misadventures

Chavy and I traced
what we understood
to be
the origin of political
mismanagement in Argentina

the silence today
echoes yesterday’s voices
the laughter
the well being

and our missing
Monique and Lucas
who were not present

but were with us
all the same.

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