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Answer to a Dutch acquaintance who asked me what I thought of the situation in Argentina today

Answer to a Dutch acquaintance who asked me what I thought of the situation in Argentina  
                                                                                                                              February 2014- 

Dear Melvin,

as you may well surmise from what you yourself read or listen to in the media, the government, basically the president herself, does not appear to have an overall plan to cope with a rising inflation, lack of safety, dwindling energy of various kinds, and the natural outcome of these shortcomings: social unrest. The measures taken one day are discarded the next, blaming the opposition, the media and multinational companies for everything under the sun,.   The government is unbelievably clumsy, autocratic and autistic.  If you saw their doings in a play or a film, you would think the plot is overdone.

Members of the government, even those close to the president, disagree wirh each other and compete among themselves for economic and political power.

How do I feel about it?   Living in Uruguay, I miss most of the stress, though I follow the news in the  Internet and read in Facebook what people from the art world and other cultural and politicai areas think.  The president is still backed by staunch followers who were nurtured originally as peronistas, and who fell for her husband's and her own devious support of Human Rights policy as presidents, as a means to gain political standing.  Lately Cristina has appointed to high places in the army and the police force men who were instrumental in the killing of apparent suspects during the military dictatorship.  This, of course, has discouraged many of her followers, if they had not been discouraged earlier..

It requires great stamina and ingenuity to run a business in Argentina, as rules are forever changing.  Most people I know closely go on with their lives as best they can. When I go to B A and meet with immediate family and close friends, we discuss the political and economic situation acknowledging the perils and the wear and tear on daily life but it does not affect our enjoyment of each other or of other interests we share.  

I hope, Melvin, I have, at least partly, answered your questions. 

Kind regards

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